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Groningen CoderDojo

hosting Programming with Scratch and Python

Groninger Forum Selwerd | Bibliotheek | 288/8 Eikenlaan 9741 EW Groningen

At CoderDojo you can learn anything about programming. Think of websites, games, app and even robots and it easy and fun!

Of course, gaming is a large part of a developers life. Not only building games, but playing games is also part of CoderDojo!  

Get started with technology
In addition to digital projects,  CoderDo gives you the opportunity to work with, Arduino to build appliances themselves.

Are you stuck on your project?
Are you working on a project yourself and you're stuck? Come to a CoderDojo, no doubt there are people who can help you.

The event is free but please let us know you are coming by signing up.

More information on what we do? Check out our website!

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