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€37.5 million in extra investments for HackerOne

344 days ago

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The Groningen and San Francisco based company HackerOne received €37 million in extra investments yesterday. The new round brings the total amount of investments for the hacker platform to more than 69 million euros.

HackerOne is a bounty based platform, where hackers earn money for finding security leaks, for major companies like Salesforce, Dropbox and Benchmark, to name just a few. The company was founded by Jobert Abma and Michiel Prins, who both studied at the Hanze University and moved the company to Silicon Valley a few years back. HackerOne still has an office in Groningen where the majority of development is done.

According to CEO Mårten Mickos, the new investments were not even necessary, but HackerOne still decided to take the money, he told TechCrunch: “Instead of waiting until we actually do need it, we can still put the investments to good use. It gives us a lot of flexibility for the coming years, and will allows us to quickly jump in when we see new opportunities.”

Last month, the company also made it to Forbes’ prestigious 30 under 30 list, the worldwide top 30 of companies run by entrepreneurs younger than 30 years old.

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343 days ago

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