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Startup City is officially open

398 days ago

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The Zernike Campus has a new home for student entrepreneurs from the University of Groningen and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. Startup City, a colorful building comprised of stacked shipping containers, aims to be the new bustling center of entrepreneurship, education and industry.

Startup City will have 600m2 of office space for student entrepreneurs. Aside from 11 offices, there will be two community rooms and a multi purpose space, for flexible coworking and to stimulate new ways of working together. Startup City will house incubator Cube050, the Marian van Os Center of Entrepreneurship and University of Groningen Center of Entrepreneurship.

Northern Knowledge

Initially, Startup City was meant to be the new office building of startup incubator Cube050. In fact, the collection of shipping containers is right across the street from the old building. “We had to move to a new location, sooner rather than later”, board member Cube050 and the Vice Chairman of the Executive Board of the University of Groningen Jan de Jeu explains.

“But instead of just solving the practical problem of finding a new office building, we saw an opportunity to bring people and institutions together and become a clear, unified face. A central meeting point for business, called Northern Knowledge”, de Jeu continues. “Northern businesses can get all the answers and information they need about internships and research projects. We can teach students the necessary 21st century skills here and help them start and grow a business, as well as connect them with the industry and businesses.”

Marian van Os

The Marian van Os Center for Entrepreneurship is dedicated to the memory of its namesake, former Hanze board member Marian van Os, who passed away recently. “Her vision back in 2009 was to have a creative, lively breeding ground for startups and student entrepreneurs”, Hanze board member Rob Verhofstad says. “And it’s one thing to say it, but in the end, it’s about results. Since 2009, Cube050 has resulted in 250 new startups and the Hanze is in the global top 5 of student entrepreneurs.”

397 days ago

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